Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we begin to take….

The Path of Least Resistance

The path of least resistance, is no resistance, for what we resist persists.  In the book ‘The War of Art’ Steven Pressfield talks about all the different forms resistance comes in.  What is resistance? Resistance is anything that is standing in the way of you fulfilling your dreams and walking our truth.  Resistance is that voice in your head that tells us why we don’t feel like doing something.  Resistance is the excuses, the justifications, the considerations that hold us back from demonstrating our dreams.  The resistance is our egos and our identities.  It is like the clouds that stand between the sun and us.  Steven talks of that little voice in our head that keeps us small.  It’s that same voice that holds us back from experiencing being one with the all.

The way we go about one thing, is the way we go about everything.   What gets in the way of one area of life, gets in the way of all areas of life.  So, we release ourselves from the mental cage of invisible cultural binds, limited belief systems, scarcity considerations and false identities…. liberating ourselves to be fully expressed to be the artist of our lives!  The great work is to overcome anything that stands between our dreams and our truth.

“The world needs your art” – Steven Pressfield

Daily Affirmation: I paint my heart onto the canvas of the universe!

Daily Action: Today, I will take inventory of my resistance.  First, I will become conscious of all the ways I talk myself into staying small.  Then, I will see how I allow circumstances to stop me.   Finally, I will begin to allow myself to give my heart to the world through my expressions and art!

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