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Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we begin to realize…

The Universe Always Gives Us Everything We Need

Dr. John Demartini is considered one of the leading human behaviorist and personal development speakers.  One day he was taking a flight from Phoenix to Las Vegas.  He sat down next to this pretty girl and she proceeded to ask him what he was doing in Vegas.  He told her he was on his way to give a seminar about manifesting what you want out of life.  She asked if he would give her advice regarding her love life.  She said she loved her life, but was unable to figure out the love aspect of life.  He said they had an hour flight to figure it out. He asked her to tell him about the men that were in here life and all the qualities she liked about each of them.  She told of her boss and how he just adored and spoiled her and her friends.  He would take her and her friend out to dinners and fun events.  She told of her hair dresser and how he just made her laugh hysterically. She began to tell him how she still was being intimate with her ex-boyfriend, stating they were so compatible intimately, but didn’t match up in other aspects of their life.  As she went on, the speaker confirmed to her how abundant her life was and how the universe always gives us everything we need.  The concept of ‘how’ it comes is a limited belief.  He reiterated how she was having every need and desire fulfilled already.  He said she can have it all in one person if she chooses, but first she needs to acknowledge and give gratitude for the abundance she already has before anything will shift.  She realized how everything was perfect, exhaling with gratitude.

The Universe always gives us what we need, it may be a lesson or love, but what ever the case it will give us exactly what is in our best interest to advance.  We can either focus on the abundance in our lives or we can focus on the lack.  It is so much easier when we focus on the prior.  What we resist persists, so as long as we are wanting our lives to be different than they are, they will stay the same.    When we finally decide to give up focusing what is ‘wrong’ we are freed up to expand and create.

Daily Affirmation:  I stand in gratitude for the absolute abundance of life!

Daily Action:  Today, I will take inventory of the abundance of my life.  I will notice how my needs are filled in unique and obscure ways.  I will speak my desires and intentions to the universe, but I will let go of ‘how’ they must manifest.

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