Photo - Goddess-Sacred-Sexuality

Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we step into…

The Sacred

What is spirituality?  There are many different definitions in dictionaries and on the internet for ‘spirituality’, but the one that stands out states spirituality as, “The Sacred.”  This is brilliant!  In life, there are so many things that can tear us down, often leaving us feeling like we will never be the same, feeling damaged or like we have lost a part of us for ever.  Through our spirituality we are able to experience a space within us that can’t be touched.  It is an internal place beyond all time and space that is eternal, like the stable roots of an oak tree, where everything else in the Universe swirls around, yet can’t budge.  In our view, that sacred space is more true that the most profound scientific fact in the physical realm.  In that vortex, there is more ‘knowing’ than all of the books on the planet, teaching us willingness and presence.  It is the place where we meet ourselves, discovering who we are, it just is.

No one, no thing, no circumstance, nothing can take our spirituality away.  Things may come and go.  It is all we essentially have and yet it is more than we will ever need.  It is eternal and ever giving.  It is who we are.

Daily Affirmation: Nothing can take away my spirituality!

Daily Action:  Today, I will surrender into my sacred space.  I will quiet my mind, letting go of everything worldly and meet myself in the vortex.

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