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Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we answer…

Our Calling

Wayne Dyer talks about the moment he had the epiphany of his calling to be a spiritual speaker and writer, his phone rang at the exact same instant.  The caller I.D. on the phone’s screen read ‘calling.’  He took the coincidence as a sign from the universe that he was on the correct spiritual path.  The phone flashed ‘calling’ ‘calling’ ‘calling’ over and over……  He answered the call.

The universe is always speaking to us, it’s just a matter of getting out of our own way to listen.  When we are truly ready to realize our calling we will stop all the chaos, slow down, quiet the mind and begin to listen for the answer.  When we finally ask the heart felt question, we shall receive the answer.  The only question is, “Will you answer your calling?”

Daily Affirmation: HELLO!!!
Daily Action: Today, I will listen to my spirit, to its deepest desire.  I will express what is longs to emerge from the depths of my soul.  I will quiet my mind and listen for my truth.  I will take bold action in accordance to my dreams!

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