Photo - goddess-3Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we declare…

And So It Is

It is stated in the greatest writings and wisdom, that our world is spoken into creation.  We, literally, speak our world into existence.  How we believe it is, how we think it is, how we say it is, it is.  We begin to observe how being in integrity is being our word.  We invite ourselves to open our minds up to the possibility that if our lives aren’t working it may be because we are not being our word.  Life doesn’t add up when we aren’t our word….

What are you speaking into creation?  How do you talk about yourself?  How do you talk about others?  Do you talk about problems or solution?  Do you try to get an agreement from friends about how hard life is or how you are a victim?  Do you promise things and not do them?  An interesting place to witness this is looking at how we talk about our parents.  When people ask you about your parents do you tell them all the wonderful qualities about them or do you tell them all the reasons they are not good parents?  How are you speaking your world into existence?

We begin to see how we literally speak our world into existence.  We honor each day as an opportunity to begin to choose our words carefully, with gratitude and honor.  We release saying negative things, choose to create abundantly.  We realize that when we create others, we create ourselves.

Daily Affirmation: I change my words, I change my life!

Daily Action:  Today, I will observe what I am speaking into existence.  I will notice how others are speaking people, places and things into existence.  I will choose my words graciously and meticulously.  I will begin to create what I want to experience into my world.

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