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Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we learn…


There is a famous story about commitment called, ‘Burn The Ships.’  1519 was the historical conquest of Mexico and the Aztec Empire by Spanish Conquistador Hernan Cortez.  At that point in time, the Aztec Empire ruled Mexico, with over 5 million people.  Cortez brought with him only 508 soldiers, 100 sailors and 16 horses.  As legend tells us, Cortez motivated grand commitment of his army by commanding them to’ burn the ships,’ which they had sailed in from Spain.  He declared that they would ‘succeed or die.’  By burning the ships he took away any option to retreat.  There was only one option, win.  By 1521, Cortez and his army had conquered the Aztecs, proving commitment as the value that wins in victory.

In living our truth, we may choose peace over war, but the principle works the same…Commitment moves providence!   What are you committed to?  What are your ships?  What actions can you take in your life to close all options for failure?  All or nothing mentality gets a bad rap in our socially reformed culture, but we live the great words of Goethe, “BE BOLD!”  This isn’t dress rehearsal, this is our life.  If not now, when?  It is our birthright to know the truth of abundance.  Anything we desire is already here, waiting our claim.  Our only job is to know the truth and get out of your own way by releasing all limited beliefs.  When we have learned all our hard lessons and are finally committed to getting what we want, we will be set free!  “Commitment is God.” – Goethe

Daily Spiritual Affirmation:  Nothing can stop me from the truth and the light.
Daily Action:  Today, I will take the time to get clear on what I am committed to and then I will act boldly!


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