Photo - Dualism-Zen-Buddhism

Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we live from…

Divine Principle

Creating fulfilling lives we love takes discipline of the heart, will and action.  Forming new daily habits, allowing ourselves to live in alignment with our truth and who we want to be.  We realize that we create our entire world into existence through our thinking, speaking and actions.  We begin to feel the freedom of being the co-creator with the universe.

Our lives begin to stabilize as we live on principles instead of the circumstances of life.  Our principles are based on fundamental truths we have come to experience as our spiritual reality.  We exhale in a foundation of a system of belief and a chain of reasoning that is based on Divine Principle.  We are Divine., one with all, collective consciousness, infinite intelligence, an individual and the entire Universe.  Divine Principle is the natural spiritual law of our existence, how we create and how we experience things.  All of life is created from the inside-out, from Spirit.  We are co-creators with the entire Universe, because we are the entire Universe.  The Universe responds in direct correlation to our beliefs, thoughts and actions.  This natural principle has to reflect in direct correlation to us because it is us.  How we believe it is, how we think it is, how we speak it is, how we act it is……… is!  What we focus on expands.  What we don’t focus on diminishes.  What we resists persists. What we give, we get.  As within, so without.

“It is done unto us as we believe”

Daily Spiritual Affirmation: I am that I am.

Daily Action:  Today, I will not look to manage the circumstances of my life, but rather look to who I am being in the world.  I will observe how the world is reacting to me.  I will alter my ways of being in be in accordance to who I want to be in the world.



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