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Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we embrace the…

Black Swan

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who lived next to a forest and everyday he would go to a pond far away from his house, where he would sit and watch the beautiful white swans. One day, he arrived at the pond, sat down on the same tree stump he always did and opened his eyes, seeing the unseen. There, among the swans was an elegant black swan. He was dumbfounded, for he had never known there to be such a creature. Where did it come from? …It was so mystical, so luring. Just the witnessing of this beautiful image erased all the other days of him sitting by the pond. It was like falling in love, the day it happens, all past events fall away.

In the book ‘The Black Swan,’ Nassim Nicholas Talb uses the metaphor in a more pragmatic manner about financial markets and unpredicted events that rise in our culture, having major unpredictable impact. He writes about how the most profound events that shape our system, like the internet or financial booms of certain companies are, for the most part, unpredictable. No one can predict where or who or what will shape our lives. The point is that most of us think that our past is going to predict our future. Our cultural system has us believing that we live in a linear realm, meaning that in order for something to happen X has to happen before Y. Imagine that today our entire life as we know is alters to something more miraculous than we could have ever imagined it to be. We might make one phone call that impacts our career, catapulting it into extreme prosperity… Or we may have bump into a person that turns out to be the love of our life… Or we may meditate and tap into a level of source that alters our entire perception for eternity. The Black Swan is the unpredictable within the predictable. We stay open to the abundance of miracles!

Daily Spiritual Affirmation: I am the unpredictable in the predictable, I am pure creation!

Daily Action: Today, I will stay open to miracles. I will not assume people will act like they always act. I will expect miracles!

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