Photo - Mixed Messages

Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we release…

Mixed Messages

What mixed messages are you sending the universe?  We often say that we are committed to something, but our actions don’t always match our words.  For example, we might say we want abundance, but then hoard our money telling the universe we have scarcity mentality.  Some of us may say we want our partner to commit, but we have one foot in and one foot out.  Another might say they want to become an amazing singer, but they rarely sing.  Envision that every essence of us is being witnessed by the universe.  Imagine the only burning desire of the universe is to fulfill our commitments.   What would the universe reflect to us according to our thoughts, beliefs and actions?   Consider that our dreams can’t be fulfilled until we fully believe they can come true.  You can observe someones behavior and know what they are committed to, it is simple.

Here is the truth, there are no such things as mixed messages!  Our mixed messages say one thing, we aren’t committed.  Commitment is simple, we either are or we aren’t, it’s unconditional.  The laws of the universe work in exact correspondence to our beliefs, thoughts and actions.  It is kind of like a reciprocal of a fraction is found by flipping it upside down.   Our lives are a reflection of our commitments or non-commitments.  The ironic thing is that everyone is ALWAYS committed.  Laying on the coach watching TV displays what you are committed to.  How we spend our time, reflects what we are committed to.  We can clearly see what we are committed to by what is showing up in our life, period.  Commit, and the heavens will align!

Daily Spiritual Affirmation:  If it is important to me, I will find a way!

Daily Spiritual Action:  Today, I will build habits I am committed to.  If I am not sure what I am committed to, I will begin journalling, meditating or praying for clarity.  If I am clear on what I am committed to, but find myself having a difficult time following through, I will consider taking a 40 Day Commitment to help me create new patterns, a new thoughts and new beliefs.

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