Photo - Muppets

Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we keep…

Moving Right Along

Jim Henson was a true artistic genius, influencing and delighting, entertaining and educating our world through the show ‘The Muppets.’  He was the epitome of the human spirit loving life into form!  One of the songs the muppets sang was ‘moving right along,’ it was a motto, a way of life.  When we are ‘moving right along’ we no longer feel the need for drama, suffering, complaining, we see through the fog to the sun, we see the light in the dark, we focus on good times!  When we are ‘moving right along’ we find joy in the simple things, we find a bounce in our step.  It is an abundance mentality, it is a habit of happiness.  We no longer have the need to make trivial things significant.  We lighten up and become ‘footloose and fancy-free.’  We naturally make a difference in the world, at the heart of the matter.  Giving back and service becomes a fun game, a place of entertaining education and fulfilling joy!

Sometimes we get off the highway of ‘moving right along’ onto the side street of the ‘dead-end road,’ destination ‘no-where’.  It always ends with broken promises and unfulfilled dreams.  When we don’t stay on track, navigating with our spiritual practice, we get into vicious cycles and drama.  We get stuck in the insanity of doing the same thing over and over, hoping for a different result.  It’s ok….. All you have to do is get back on the highway aka  ‘the high way’……. and live the motto……..’Moving Right Along’!!!

Daily Spiritual Affirmation:   I keep it moving forward, moving right along!

Daily Action:  Today, I will stay in ‘right thinking’ and ‘right action.’  I will not put too much heavy significance on things.  I will keep moving onward and upward, focusing on the abundance and joy of life!

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