Photo - The Opus

Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we live…

The Opus

The movie ‘The Opus’ is inspired by the epic work of Vivaldi.  It was named after his most famous piece of work he left behind, called ‘Opus.’  The movie begins with a little boy (Vincenzo) who encounters an amazing violinist on a ship going from Europe to America.  The man profoundly impacts the little boys life by the masterfully elegant way he plays the violin, but even more so, by the words he speaks to him. The man’s message he told him was, “Your Opus isn’t what you do, but rather it will be the legacy of what you become.”  The movie is a journey of this boys life as he follows his dream of becoming the best violinist in the world.  The Opus is about creating our personal legacy.  What will you be remembered for? Will this world be a better place because you were here? How can we accomplish the things we dream of, while creating a great legacy?  We are all born with the potential of infinite grandeur.   When we follow our bliss with discipline we often find our purpose in life, it just unfolds, like a flower.  As we give our entire being to our expression the universe works miracles in accordance.

Daily Spiritual Affirmation:  My expression of love is the giving of myself to life!

Daily Spiritual Action: Today, I will tighten my skills within my mind, staying committed to my dreams by envisioning and taking action.  I will stay in alignment with my calling, purpose and talents.    Today, I will choose to follow my bliss!




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