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Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we release living for…


We remember when we were little girls/boys and would imagine what life would be like ‘someday’.   We would think about how wonderful life would be ‘someday’ when we grew up.  Some of us would fantasize about falling in love, have success or finally living the life of our dreams. Then we grew up, many of us became disenchanted with life, we thought, “I will be happy someday, when I have more money or when I finally find a parter, or when I finally move to that other city, or when I buy a better car or home, etc.”   One day, we came to the epiphany that ‘someday’ doesn’t exist, all we have is today.   We posed the question,” What if we only had today to live?  What would be important to us?  What would we spend our time doing and with whom? Who would we want to be?”

The people we look up to didn’t start their success at the top.  Oprah Winfrey didn’t start with her own show, she started one day at a time, one job at a time.  Our famous athletes didn’t start as professional athletes, they began one team practice at a time.  The greatest Spiritual Leaders didn’t start as icons, they began one prayer at a time.  The most famous composers didn’t start by writing symphony’s, they began one cord at a time.  They all had to master the art of ‘practice, practice, practice’.  We become disciplined in our spiritual practice, holding the space for the possibility that maybe ‘one day’ we will transform the world into something more magical and miraculous than we could ever imagine!

Daily Spiritual Affirmation:  Today is the only day, now and for eternity!

Daily Action: Today, I will see through the delusion of ‘someday’ and become present.   I will practice disciplining my thoughts to focus on what I desire to create today.  I will seize the day by taking action on my passions, expressing my true self!

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