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Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we…

Live our Truth

The Greeks were the first to bring the concept that each individual has their own individual truth.  They were the first to recognize and acknowledge that spirituality is an individual journey.  This has been the foundation to many great thinkers and grand inventions.  Einstein proved this concept by his theory of relativity.  Each and every one of us lives in our unique universe with varying time and reality.  We recognize the truth that each individual is on their own path, for truth is a paradox. There are ultimate truths for everyone and there are as many relative truths as there are individuals.  We are all connected and we all have very unique Divine expressions.  Our only prayer for others is for them to know themselves, love themselves and live their truth.  Whatever your perception, the truth begins with your word, using the power of honesty, we are set free!  “May the truth set you free!”

Daily Spiritual Affirmation:  I stand in gratitude and love for the opportunity to speak and live my truth.

Daily Action:  Today, I will practice the five levels of truth on a gradient fashion.  First, I will be honest with myself.  Then, I will get honest about another.  Next, I will become courageous and tell the truth about myself to another.  Next, I will tell the truth to another about someone else.  Finally, I will tell the truth to everyone about everything.  (One may not be ready to practice all five levels right away, so take baby steps and begin where you are comfortable).

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