Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we release…

Mind Chatter

It’s that little voice that is always chiming in, always critiquing, analyzing, evaluating and narrating.   We ask, “What voice?”  It is the exact one that just asked the question. We realize how our ‘mind chatter’ has kept us from fully experiencing life, never giving us a moment to simply live.   Its always chiming in, telling us what is good and what is bad, judging and justifying.  It tries everything in its power to have us believe we are separate.  It’s that voice that tells us we are not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough.  It’s that voice that tries to remind us of our limitations and fears of life.  It loves a good pity party and to be drunk in stories of abandonment and heartache.  As we identify this self sabotaging voice, we begin to release it.  We meditate and witness the difference between our true selves and our individual mind, the egoic mind.

Daily Spiritual Affirmation:  I am not that voice in my head, I am the eternal abundant wisdom of the entire Universe!

Daily Spiritual Action:  Today, I will witness any ‘mind chatter’ in my head.  I will remember the truth of my abundance.  I will not buy into the limited beliefs that my ego wants me to believe.  I will meditate and release anything that is not in alignment with my true self.

1 Comments on “MIND CHATTER”

  1. e…You always hit the nail on the head! Ever so gentley. Thank you for your Daily Spiritual Affirmations, and the Spiritual Actions one can take. You really help the direction my daily path takes… 🙂


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