Photo- Make a searching

Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we begin to…

Make a searching and fearless inventory of ourselves

We looked at our personal habits, actions and reactions, realizing that being in integrity means living and acting in accordance with our truth, no matter what happens.  We take full responsibility, regardless if someone does something terrible to us, it is not ok for us to lash out, react in anger or do transgressions.  We no longer point the finger at anyone but ourselves.  We focus on our side of the street and move towards our grace and bliss.  We set boundaries where we are unable to stay in serenity.  We also take inventory of all the wonderful things we have done and accomplished, propelling us in restoration of our faith in ourselves.  As we fully accept reality, no longer resisting what is, we recover our ability to create new realities.

Daily Spiritual Affirmation: I take 100% responsibility for creating my happiness, joy and bliss!!!

Daily Spiritual Action:  Today, I will take inventory of myself, in all areas of my life.  I will notice any limited belief, fears or secrets I tell myself or others.  I will acknowledge when I have not told the truth, to myself or another.   Today, I will choose to live a transparent authentic life!

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