June 24 ‘Know all paths lead to within’


Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we begin to…

Know all paths lead to within

We may have journeyed far or taken many paths, searching for the answers.  We may have done everything possible to avoid the inevitable, getting with ourselves.  Our quest was vast, questioning everything.  We may have even stumbled on the truth, getting up and brushing ourselves off, not realizing, we kept going.  When we began to process all the knowledge and wisdom we came to the realization that all paths have one destination.  We finally arrive home, to our sacred heart.  We no longer need to climb the Himalayan Mountains to find the answer to our eternity.  The truth was inside of us the entire time.  We still study the great teachings and practice among our mentors, but our ultimate teacher remains to be our soul.

Daily Spiritual Practice:  In the stillness of my heart, there is truth.

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