June 21 ‘Surrender to our infinite power’


Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we begin to…

Surrender to our Infinite Power 

We surrender, relinquishing control, for we know the Universe is always working for our higher good.  We know we are One with Source, Infinite intelligence.  This awakening is not of identity, status or ego…it is just what it is.  Our emancipation from all lack, releases us into abundance, affirming our birthright that we are all created equal in our Divinity.  We come to realize that what happens on a cosmic level is happening within us.  Right here and now, we commune with the All, allowing us to move beyond our individual limitations into unlimited potential and unity.  We remember who we are, Divine!

Definition of Power (Century Dictionary cyclopedia)- Such an absence of external restriction and limitation that it depends only on the inward determination of the subject whether or not it will act.

Daily Spiritual Practice: It is in the recognition of my Divinity, that I unleash my Infinite Power!

Love, e

*** The definition of Power is from an original source cyclopedia. Today, the definition as been altered to an ‘endowment’, leaving power as something to earn.  This is a falsity.  It is our Divine Birthright to be perfect creators will full free will NOW.

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