*Daily Spiritual Practice

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Dear Divine,

Creating fulfilling lives we love takes discipline of the heart, will and action.  We Create our world into existence by thinking, speaking and living ‘Divine Principle’.   Having a Daily Spiritual Practice allows us to live in alignment with our truth! 

“It is done unto us as we believe”

Divine Principle – knowing everything is created from the inside-out.  The Universe responds in direct correlation to our beliefs, thoughts and actions.  It has to agree with us 100% of the time.  How we believe it is, how we think it is, how we speak it is, how we act it is………..it is!  And…..What we focus on expands.  What we don’t focus on diminishes.  What we give, we get.  As within, so without.

The Practice

Retraining our Minds: Releasing Limited Beliefs, Focusing on what we want to create, Visualizing, Meditating, Affirmative Prayer, Gratitude, and Innovation.

We no longer: Focus on problems, play the victim, use justifications, use limited beliefs, focus on the negative aspects of things, focus on the past and future attachments, come from a scarcity mentality.

Retraining our Speaking/Words:  We literally create people, places and things into existence.  We hold space for people to show up in their Divinity.  We have authentic conversations that allow transformation.  If we don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.   We no longer focus on making anyone wrong, instead we choose what we prefer and we follow our bliss. We focus on creative and innovative conversations.  We seek to know people’s deepest desires.  We ask people what they want to create in their careers, relationships, health, wealth.  We seek to understand what people’s intentions are, what their dreams are, what inspires them, what their favorite things are.  We ask ourselves,”What value can I bring to this person?” instead of, “What can this person bring to me?”

We no longer: Talk poorly of people, talk about how we are the effect of circumstances, tell our limited ‘story’, say we are going to do something and then not be our word, make promises we can’t keep, have pity parties, complain, play the ‘blame, shame and guilt’ game.

Retraining our Lives:  We spend our time learning things that lift us up and expand our consciousness.  We spend time developing our skills to become the best version of ourselves in all areas of our lives.  We surround ourselves with people who are committed to harmony, communication, integrity and service.  We build healthy habits for health, wealth, wisdom and love. We learn to establish boundaries with people who are not in alignment with our commitments.  We naturally become overjoyed in our physical workout practice because it unifies our entire being.

We no longer: Do things that bring us suffering, try and fix or change anyone, engage in disfunction or chaos, do the same thing over and over..hoping for a different outcome, allow ourselves to be driven by identity, believe we are the effect of our circumstances.

The Promise

I Promise to be still and know the truth.

I Promise to only speak the truth of abundant health, happiness, prosperity and love.

I Promise to be one with the all, so that nothing can disturb my peace of mind.

I Promise to stand for the truth that everyone is Divine.

I Promise to focus on the positive and optimism side of life and circumstances.

I Promise to think only of Divine, to work only for Divine, and to expect Divinity.

I Promise to give a gift where ever I go and to whom ever I come in contact with.

I Promise to give an abundant amount of energy to the expanding of my consciousness.

I Promise to declare the truth and release all worry, anger, hurt and fear.

I Promise to focus on happiness and release the presence of complaining and troubles.

I Promise to have faith that the Universe is working at all points in time for the higher good.

I Promise to allow these truths through my daily spiritual practice and connection to source.

I Promise to vibrantly live the truth today.

And so it is, e

Love, e

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