The Law of the Universe


mind-powerDear Diary,

The Law of the Universe works in direct correlation to the beliefs within our mind.  We are an Infinite Force, One with all, Abundant Innovation and Eternal Creators.  We are not our Mind….We are the Creative Force that uses the Mind.  We are not the belief, we are the Believer.  We are not the decision, we are the Decision Maker.  We are Pure Creation….. We are Divine!

It is a Cause and Effect Universe:

What we give, we get  

What we sow, we reap  

We can only keep, what we give

What we believe, will be  

What we resist, persists

As within, so without

As above, so below

The Law of the Universe works in exact reflection and correlation to our beliefs, thoughts and actions.  What we put out, comes back, but ‘The Law’ works in mysterious ways.   We do not always know ‘how’ things will come back to us. When we give love, we don’t necessarily get love back from the same person.  If we create chaos or harm, it comes back to us in unexplainable ways.  When we give through service, we receive in ways we could never imagine possible.  Etc.

We are ‘Free Will’, we are not bestowed with ‘Free Will’… We ARE ‘Free Will’.  What we create is our choice!  It is our own volition…. Our own determinism…… Our own experience!  Heaven or Hell is a state of mind.  This is your life…. It is not dress rehearsal, this is it!  The true challenge is having the courage to take full responsibility and fulfill Spirits purpose of living a beautiful life we love!

It is our FAITH that determines if our dreams will manifest and be demonstrated.  

If, in reality our desires are not actualized we must release,

‘let go and let God’ and know that the thing we desire

or something better will be.  

It is in the allowing of the universe, our higher self to be realized, that our desires become realized.

We are the cause, not the effect.  We may feel like we are the effect because ‘The Law’ works in an involutionary way.  The moment we assign a negative or positive meaning to something, we feel the effect of our creation.  We can experience circumstances where we feel powerless.  The belief, ‘What we give power to, we become powerless over,’ is not the truth. The truth is that we can experience being the effect (powerless), but the reality is that we are always the creator, the cause, the power.   The moment we realize (have revelation) to the fact that we gave the power to something, we can decide to not give our power to it any longer.  We may still pretend like we are powerless, but we aren’t.

Our entire life is a projection of our beliefs.  The inner work is releasing limited beliefs and speaking our world into existence.  Our beliefs form the circumstances of our life, our circumstances do not form our lives.  What we focus on expands and what we don’t focus on diminishes.  So focusing on what we desire, without attachment is the key to unlocking abundance.  The only contingency of the Universe is ethics.  We must help, not hurt, anyone nor hinder anyone from thriving or we will diminish our powers.  This is self-induced Karma.

“Follow your Bliss” – Joseph Campbell

The physical Universe is based on Order….it keeps what creations bring workability….One example is gravity.  Gravity brings order to the Universe and our existence.  I’ve heard people say that when we are spiritually advanced enough, then we will be able to overcome even physical laws, like gravity.  This is true, but not in the way we  imagine.  We have already overcome gravity from a creative standpoint; hence, the airplane and other inventions.  Our collective cultural consciousness chooses to have gravity because it serves our highest good, order and beauty.  Gravity is an agreement of the Cosmic Consciousness….We are One with the Cosmic Consciousness. There may be other cultures within the world that are able to do this, but we wouldn’t be able to even recognize it because it is outside out consciousness.  It is like story in 1492 when the Indians couldn’t see Christopher Columbus’s ships coming because they couldn’t conceive the idea of a ship.

The Universe wants to teach us equanimity:  It doesn’t play favorites….. All people are equally Divine!  It wants us to practice non-judgment, neutrality.  The same energy that Gandhi used, Hitler used.  The exception is that the Universe deals with ethics.  If you use the power to bring beauty, order and love …. Your creation will last….. if you use the power to create chaos and harm, it will not last, nor will you.  We are such good spirits, if we believe we are doing harm we will take ourselves out of the game.   The same power an artist can use to create the ‘best song of the year’ is the same energy they could use to take themselves out of the game by creating themselves to be a drug addict.  It is the same energy…It is the same Law used,  just with different intentions.

We are Divine Presence!

We not only believe, but we perceive, feel and react in Unitary Wholeness!

We are Beauty, Joy and Love!

Having a Daily Spiritual Practice of training our brains to focus on what we want to create instead of focusing on what we don’t want builds new neurons that work for our benefit.  Creating healthy habits release our compulsions and limited beliefs.  Divine Principle is ‘knowing’ that everything is created from the inside out, not from the outside in…..Meaning, that circumstances are the effect, not the cause.  Focusing on conditions is antithesis to the truth.  If we want to change our conditions, we must release our perception and our  limited beliefs.  Using our mind ‘on purpose’ is a choice.  Spirituality is logical!  It is logical that everything is created from within and manifest into form in the physical.  Once we truly understand and live in accordance with ‘The Law of the Universe’…… We are set free!


Gratitude is a magnet for abundance.  When we understand who we truly are, we ‘know’ that everything is unfolding perfectly.  Everything happens for a reason, a lesson, an opportunity for us to expand and become a better version of ourselves.  When we look through this lens, we are able to see the beauty in every situation.

 “We begin to see how right now,

we are the richest we will ever be because abundance is everywhere,

prosperity is a verb not a noun.

We no longer look for things to get from the world,

but rather where we can bring value to the world.  

Our value is infinite, therefore we expect abundance!”

 – James Mellon

Gratitude expands life!

Love, e

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