Beauty in the Breakdown

Photo - Beauty in the Breakdown

Dear Diary,

There is such beauty in the breakdown, such perfection.  Always, a way the soul and spirit demand a new reality to transpire.  See, when we perceive the world from a new stance, a breakdown, we are unable to ever see our world the same …….  This is the miracle of consciousness!  Every morsel of knowledge, wisdom, and new perspective… shifts our entire DNA.  Our entire ‘way of being’ is transformed.


So here is the question/conversation: What comes first, ‘Expanded Consciousness’ or a ‘Breakdown’?  Has our soul already evolved, having to create a new reality in the physical?  Mmmmmm…..What emerges out of a breakdown is a new way of being, an entire new realm of possibility!   When we live from Divine Principle, we live ‘knowing’ that we create everything first from Spirit.


Some of the hardest times of my life have left me happier than I could ever imagine prior to the events.  Suffering can bring relativity……It can test us to new abilities……It can have us dig deeper into our understanding of who we are.  Through the breakdown we see what we value, we learn self-love and compassion of others.

  “Nothing changes, until we change”

Our culture seems to be so afraid of a breakdown, an upset or any emotional/communication conflict.  Breakdowns are often labeled ‘wrong’.  This is the beauty of ‘The Chaos Theory’… Beauty comes out of Chaos… Hence, ‘The butterfly effect’ and the possibility that nothing is random.

In our resisting of Breakdowns we create more Breakdowns.  What we resist persists.  We believe there will be some point in time when there will no longer be any upsets or ‘Breakdowns’.   We say……  “One day, when I make enough money, then I will no longer get upset”  “When we finally get married, then we will no longer argue”  “When I finally lose that weight, then I will no longer be emotional.”  It’s like we are running from upsets, trying to find comfort in someday.  As Werner Erhard said, “This is it!  This is how your life turned out.  This is life!”   As a great mentor of mine once said:

“The only way out, is through” – Proverb


Love, e

***I would like to Thank you to Landmark Education and Werner Erhard

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