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Dear Diary,

An interesting conversation began when a girlfriend of mine was going to be spending the weekend with her Mother.  She was concerned because her Mom often complained and played the victim.  She reached out to many of her friends and ask for some advice of how to handle this situation.  She had many suggestions and pieces of advice:  Some gave the advice that she should empathize with her Mother, others said she should set her boundaries with her Mother, others said she was doing the same complaining by posing the question, others said she should counsel her mother, etc.  She decided to just get authentic and talk about the issue with her Mom. The weekend came and after a couple of days with her Mom, she realized that at the core of her Mom was the belief …”I am worthless.”  My friend also realized that she had a similar belief …….”I am not enough.”  She said,”I’ve discovered today while counseling my Mum, that my persistent shadow belief ‘I’m not enough,’ is an upgrade from her shadow belief ‘I’m worthless’…Deep realization…”

“All complaints are a projection of our frustration within ourselves.

All negative feelings within ourselves are the illusion that we are separate from our true selves, Divinity”

– E.F.H. 

Throughout my 18 year Spiritual Quest I have come to the realization that, at the root of most people’s suffering, there is a core belief that they are not enough….. It goes something like ….”I’m not enough,” “I’m worthless,” “I’m different,” or  “I hate myself.”  This is the core belief of low self-esteem, self-sabotage, depression, etc.

It is important to acknowledge the validity our emotions. We feel ‘we are not enough’ because there is some truth to this.  We know deep down inside that we are living a facade of being separate.  We know that we are part of an organism and when we live from a standpoint ‘self’ we are living a lie.  We know we can bring more value, help more, serve more.  Life is a paradox, as are we.  We are individuals and One with everything.   The human race is an organism.  When we aren’t contributing enough we feel separate and divided.  We aren’t living our divinity.  The opposite of Divine is Divide.

After, my girlfriends epiphany, she communicated to all the people she had originally had the conversation with.  Then, someone ask the ‘game changing’ question, “Why is low self-esteem so prevalent in the United States?”

The History of Low Self-Esteem

This is my opinion of ‘why’ low self-esteem is so prevalent in the US:  It is a Spiritual Malady.  The beginning of our Cultural Spiritual Malady began when Scientists and leaders began the conversation that we are not spiritual beings, but rather animals.  Then, the malady became an epidemic through the era of materialism.  The documentary ‘The Century of the Self’ explains the transgression of our ‘value’ system to consumerism after World War II.  Due to Hitler, the American Government was extremely concerned about the possibility of the human psyche.  They hired Sigmund Freud to analyze and help ‘control’ the masses.  This began the implanting of the ‘American Dream’ of the white picket fence and material status, ‘The Rat Race’.  This was a ploy to have us desiring and identifying with objects, as to have a decoy from our own self discovery.  In Freuds view ‘self-discovery’ was a dangerous endeavor because he knew we could tap into our truth, which is all-powerful.  This power can be used positively or negatively. Hence, Hitler and Gandi… Same power, just used with different intentions.

Consumerism transfers self-worth from a spiritual internal position to an external condition. Material and consumerism are spiritual poison because they place our self-worth outside of ourselves.  Freuds promotion of ‘Materialism’ through ad campaigns and status symbols, had our entire culture move away from spirituality and community.  This objectifying has left us in the opposite state of DIVINE, we are left feeling DIVIDED…. not connected.  This is a spectrum, not everyone is into materialism, but regardless of an individuals value system, everyone is connected energetically…..so this is a cultural issue.


The opposite of DIVINE is DIVIDE

Low self-esteem comes from spiritual disconnection. We are such good spirits, that if we aren’t helping the people around us thrive we begin to feel un-valuable and ‘not worthy’.  IT IS TIME to connect through community and love! IT IS TIME to heal and know the TRUTH. We are One and we are more than any material object! Salvation is through all of us coming together.   A ‘Spiritual Malady’ is any negative feeling or emotion….sadness, remorse, guilt, shame, shattered self-esteem, self-doubt, self-pity, loneliness, isolation, depression, hopelessness.

Through our DAILY SPIRITUAL PRACTICE we become aligned with our true nature.  We live from Spiritual Principle!  We know we are One with everyone and everything!  We value people and situations based on connection and love.  We create relationships and businesses that contribute and give back to the world.  We no longer measure our value by material objects.  We are able to enjoy the abundance and creation of the luxuries of life, but we no longer measure of worth based on them.  We place love over material, precious moments over greed, higher good over self.

A Happy Ending

I am not sure what happened with my girlfriend and her Mother, but just the fact that they were able to have an authentic conversation and connect is all that matters.  We may not end all suffering in our culture during this generation, but we may diminish it.  The first step is acknowledgment, then having a conscious conversation and then taking action.  May all the Mothers and Daughters, Fathers and Sons, Neighbors and partners…. in United States and the rest of the world ‘come together’ in love and community!  And together we say……. “We are enough!”

Love, e

Watch documentary ‘The Century of The Self’ on YouTube below…

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