*Day 26

Photo - Enlightenment

Dear Diary,

Welcome to day 26 of the 40 Day Spiritual Practice!

21 days – Science shows that it takes 22 days to break old habits and create new neuro-pathways.

40 days – The Universe and Spirit create in 40 day increments, re-birth. (Solar Year)


This program is a 40 day program where you pick one new thing you would like to create in your life.  You will be doing this one thing consistently for 40 days.  If you miss one day, you must begin again at day one.

The purpose of having a Daily Spiritual Practice is to live in alignment with your truth…….’The Way’!

‘The Way’

Tao Te Ching is a famous text, written around the 6th century BC by the sage Lao-tzu, 2,500 years ago.  ‘Tao’ means ‘way’ or ‘path’…..’te’ means ‘inner strength’ or ‘integrity’ or ‘divine power’ or ‘moral goodness’ or ‘virtue’.  ‘Ching means ‘scripture’ or ‘text’.   It is a series of 81 versus, only 5,000 characters of pure wisdom.  It is a classic in the realm of enlightenment.

The Tao doesn’t teach us how to overcome gravity…..it teaches us to live in sync with gravity.  We aren’t trying to levitate, we are here to know ourselves, to be one with the all, to live in accordance with ‘The Law’ of the universe.  To live in harmony is ‘The Way’.

What I love about ‘The Tao’ is the multiple perspectives that allow the unfolding of possibilities.  I may never comprehend or understand all the wisdom and perspectives within ‘The Tao’ in this lifetime, but that is the beauty of it.  Where ever one’s consciousness is, ‘The Tao’ will speak to you accordingly.  It meets you exactly where you are.  It refers to man as being one with the universe ‘The Great Integrity’.  We are literally one with the universe.  It teaches in relativity and surrenders to neutrality in humble ways.

 Verse 81 ‘The Paradoxes of Life’

Profound words are not clever.

Clever words are not profound.  

Wise people are not quarrelsome.  

Quarrelsome people are not wise.  

Those who are intelligent are not ideologues.

Those who are ideologues are not intelligent.

 The enlightened never hoard anything.

They share their possessions.  

The more they give,

the greater their abundance.  

The Great Integrity is the physician of the universe

who heals without harming and who acts without contention.  

When we have a Daily Spiritual Practice we take the time to study the books and texts that we love.  We begin to see everyday as a lesson in life.  Everywhere we go there are miracles and mystery.  We begin to have the perspective that there are no coincidences….. Every person becomes our Shaman…… Every circumstance becomes an opportunity to rise to our true self.

The Great Integrity is ‘The Way’….. We are a microcosm of the entire universe.  How we go about one day is a glimpse into our entire life.  Having a Daily Spiritual Practice is ‘The Way’.  When we live each moment in accordance with our integrity, we are living ‘The Way’.

“The Great Integrity has given us three treasures to cherish:

The first is love.  The second is moderation.  The third is humility.  

If you love, you will be fearless.  

If you are moderate, you might always sense abundance in life.  

If you live in humility, you will be widely trusted. ”

– Lao-tzu Tao Te Ching Verse 67


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