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Dear Diary,

Welcome to day 20 of the 40 Day Spiritual Practice!

21 days – Science shows that it takes 21 days to break old habits and create new neuro-pathways.

40 days – The Universe and Spirit create in 40 day increments, re-birth. (Solar Year)


This program is a 40 day program where you pick one new thing you would like to create in your life.  You will be doing this one thing consistently for 40 days.  If you miss one day, you must begin again at day one.

The purpose of having a Spiritual Practice is to live in alignment with your truth…….Siddhartha!


The book ‘Siddhartha’ is a story of the search for self. It tells the life story of Brahmin Siddhartha, a high-born young man, who leaves home on a spiritual quest.  His entire goal was deliverance from suffering and the ego.  In his journey, he realizes that it is in the seeking that one can not find the truth, the truth is within himself the entire time.  It is a beautiful dance into all the realms; ‘Atman’ the soul, ‘Om’ supreme reality, ‘Samsara’ words of birth and death cycles, ‘Nirvana’ liberation.  His quest brings him to state of perfect balance in all realms.

“Wisdom cannot be imparted.
Wisdom that a wise man attempts to impart always sounds like foolishness to someone else …
Knowledge can be communicated, but not wisdom.
One can find it, live it, do wonders through it,
but one cannot communicate and teach it.”
Having a Daily Spiritual Practice is ‘The Way Within.’  Going within daily is a journey far beyond the scope of this planet, far beyond any universities teachings, far beyond the entire universe.  The inner journey and living in alignment with your truth is ‘The Way.’  Knowledge can be taught, but no book can teach wisdom.   The wise live!
“When someone seeks,” said Siddhartha,
“then it easily happens that his eyes see only the thing that he seeks,
and he is able to find nothing,
to take in nothing because he always thinks only about the thing he is seeking,
because he has one goal, because he is obsessed with his goal.
Seeking means: having a goal.
But finding means: being free, being open, having no goal.” 
‘Finding’ means being free, being open, having no goal.  We often loose the purpose of life by trying to figure it out.  The purpose of life is to live!  To live in alignment with our truth, sets us free to completely live without guilt, without shame, without blame, without fear, without hate, without suffering.   We are freed up to follow our bliss!  Hermann Hesse relates to all therapy as he states,”Today’s psychoanalysis….can have at bottom hardly any other goal than to create a space within ourselves in which God’s voice can be heard.”
Siddhartha is the epithet of Buddha,meaning,
“He who has attained his goal.”  
“…To hear for the duration of a heartbeat the universe
and the totality of life,
in its mysterious, innate harmony.” 
1. Live!!!

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