*And So It Is

Power of Words

Dear Diary,

Welcome to day 15 of the 40 Day Spiritual Practice!

21 days – Science shows that it takes 21 days to break old habits and create new neuro-pathways.

40 days – The Universe and Spirit create in 40 day increments, re-birth. (Solar Year)


This program is a 40 day program where you pick one new thing you would like to create in your life.  You will be doing this one thing consistently for 40 days.  If you miss one day, you must begin again at day one.

The purpose of having a Spiritual Practice is to live in alignment with your truth….and so it is!

‘And So It Is’

It is stated in the greatest writings and wisdom, that our world is spoken into creation.  We, literally, speak our world into creation.  How we say it is, it is.  How we think it is, it is.  How we believe it is, it is. Integrity is being your word.  I invite you to open up your mind and consider a bold statement:  If your life isn’t aligning up with how you want it to be, consider….it is because you are not your word.  Period.

Life doesn’t add up when we aren’t our word….

What are you speaking into creation?  How do you talk about yourself?  How do you talk about others?  Do you talk about your problems or do you talk about abundance?  Do you get agreement from friends about how hard life is or do you talk about how grateful you are?   Do you do what you say you will do?  Do you promise things and not do them?

Consider that every word that comes out of your mouth creates your reality, creates your perception, creates an agreement from others of ‘the way it is.’  Consider that the Universe has to agree with you 100% of the time…….how you think it is, how you believe it is, how you say it is…………it is!  We are either our word or we are not.  There is a saying…

We are nothing and our word 

We speak people into existence.  An interesting place to witness this is looking at how we talk about our parents.  When people ask you about your parents do you tell them all the wonderful qualities about them or do you tell them of all the things they do that makes them ‘not good parents?’  Do you create them into existence for another?  Do you make them ‘wrong’ or ‘right’?  Do you try to get agreement from whom ever you are telling about your parent, that you are a victim or lucky to have your parents?  When we create others, we create ourselves.

Be careful what you say, be gentle with your words, they become who you are

In one of my Spiritual Communities we use prayer and ‘Spiritual Treatment’ to co-create the world into existence.  At the end of a beautiful prayer it is often stated, “And so it is.”  This is the equivalent of ‘Amen.’  The belief behind it is that our word creates our world.  We are the source and the power behind the word.  We are one with God and therefore we c0-create through our word.

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light

The spoken word is the most powerful thing in this universe.  Are you in alignment with your word?  Is there a gap between what you are saying and what who you want to be?  Your words have power….

“I’m trying to do something”      Vs.     “I am doing something”

“I hope it will happen”      Vs.       “It is happening”

“Maybe, someday, possibly, hoping, trying.”    Vs.       “I am”

Change your words, change your life

We create every relationship through our words.  What we agree on is what the relationship becomes.  What we focus on talking about is what we manifest in our lives.  What we state is true or false, becomes the way it is.    What we ask for in words, is what we shall receive….”Ask and you shall receive.”   How we describe things, is how we see them…..”It is in the eye of the beholder.”  We speak things into form.   How we speak about people is how we hold them to be.


All there is…. is creation

We create our beliefs

Beliefs become our thoughts

Thoughts become our words

Words become spoken and written  

They are the lyrics that we sing, that we dance to, that we cry and laugh to, that we make love to

They are the books that we study, that we ponder, that we thrive to

We are all artists in this life

We paint our world into form through our words 

Our canvas is in the listening of others

The tapestry is shaped and sown in the days and years of time

Words are our expression of who we are

And so it is



1.  What are you creating through your words?

2.  How do you speak about people, places and things?

3.  Are you being your word?

Love, e
(Watch this music video… it is worth waiting for the ad to end)

One Comment on “*And So It Is

  1. I really love this. I just saw an inspiring talk on non-violent communication. I immediately fell in love with this technique. Anyone who wants to start using words in a more positive manner should look into NVC! It is a way to be more gentle with yourself and others, tap into your feelings, and understand your needs. Blessings!


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