*The Present


Dear Diary,

Welcome to day 14 of the 40 Day Spiritual Practice!

21 days – Science shows that it takes 21 days to break old habits and create new neuro-pathways.

40 days – The Universe and Spirit create in 40 day increments, re-birth. (Solar Year)


This program is a 40 day program where you pick one new thing you would like to create in your life.  You will be doing this one thing consistently for 40 days.  If you miss one day, you must begin again at day one.

The purpose of having a Spiritual Practice is to live in alignment with your truth….be present!

‘The Present’

It is one of the most cliché sayings…..

“Yesterday is History
Tomorrow is a Mystery
Today is a Gift, that’s why
it’s called the Present!”

Most all healing and spiritual work is it to be able to be present.  Healing past traumatic experiences allows us to be present without triggering us.  Healing past events also releases us of our irrational decisions we declared into our subconscious minds.  Releasing limited beliefs and staying in ‘right thinking’ is the work that allows us to be fully present and not live in anxiety of the future.  When we are present, we begin to become receptive to the abundance of life!  To be present is to be alive!  To be present is to be here now!

Rev. James Mellon reminded me of a great quote from the movie ‘After Earth’….Will Smith states, “Fear is not real.  It is a product of thoughts you create.  Don’t misunderstand me, danger is very real, but fear is a choice.”   Having fear versus believing your fear is very different.  You are not your beliefs, you are the believer.  Fear is not real, it is a choice!

What are you afraid of?

Are you in danger or are you afraid?

Fear does not stop death, it stops us from living!  Fear is the ego, it is not your true self.  When we know the truth that we are one with God and ALL is good, we are set free!  When we live on faith of the truth, instead of fear of our circumstances, we are set free!  Most people are more afraid to live than to die.

“If your depressed, you are living in the past.  

If you are anxious, you are living in the future.  

If you are at peace, you are living in the present.”

– Lao Tzu

I had a screen saver on my phone for a long time of the picture above of ‘The Present.’  I had it there to remind me to stay present and to give a gift everywhere I go. Some times the gift we bring is  just be a listening for someone, some times it is to give a genuine complement, some times it is to give your time, etc.  When we get out of our need to fulfill ourselves and step into experiencing what we can bring to others, we often experience being more fulfilled.

To be present also means ‘seize the day’……… What if everyday we declared to be the best day of our life?  What if today was the last day of your life?  What would you do?  Who would you spend it with?

The only way to the other side is through.  What we resist persists, so go toward your fears and be released into eternity…. Seize the day!!!!  And imagine that there is a gift waiting for you today to be unwrapped, something you could never imagine…….. the present!  In Latin there is a saying, ‘Carpe Diem’ it means seize the day…..  It comes from a famous poem:

Carpe Diem Poem

“Don’t ask (it is forbidden to know) what end the Gods have granted to me or you, leuconoe.  

Don’t play with Babylonian fortune-telling either.  

How much better it is to endure whatever will be!  

Whether Jupiter has allotted to sink you many more winters or this final one

which ever now wears out the Tyrrhenian sea on the rocks placed opposite

– be wise, be truthful, strain from wine, scale back your long hopes to a short period.

While we speak, envious time will have already fled:


trusting as little as possible. ” 


1.  Are you able to be present?
2.  What healing work are you doing let go of your past?
3.  What work are you doing to stay out of anxiety of the future?
4.  How can you bring a gift where ever you go?
5.  How would you spend to day if it were the last day of your life?
Love, e
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