*Prosperity Plan Day #11

Photo - Horizon___Widescreen_Wallpaper_by_hameedDear Diary,

Statement Principle #1:

“God is lavish, unfailing abundance, the rich omnipresent substance of the Universe.  This all-providing Source of infinite prosperity is individualized as me- the reality of me.”

Meditate on the above principle for 15 minutes and then journal…


I wanted to thank Rev. Nancy Berggren fo reminding me of how far this work has taken me.  The other day in class someone spoke of having a ‘reactive moment’ and told of how they get frustrated that they aren’t able to fully walk their talk.  Rev. Nancy went on to say how we may have moments where we are reactive, but we should really acknowledge how far we have come.  She said she was a wreck before this work.  She went on to say how working with ‘The Law’ and focusing on the positive has really impacted her life and how she keeps getting better and better.   She said things that used to take her months to get over, only take her hours now.   Things that used to upset her for days, only take her minutes.   She said, we can’t beat ourselves up for not being perfect.  As we focus on how far we have come and on the positive advancement we have made, we will begin to affirm our work and our progress.  This will allow us to love ourselves instead of beating ourself up in some perfectionist way.

There is a visual for this mindset.  Imagine you are on a ship sailing towards the horizon.  Now, imagine that the horizon is the ultimate goal.  It is a goal way out there that will actually never be met because the horizon will always move.  So, if we focus on where we came from, like a continent that we departed from, we are able to see how far we have come.  We are able to acknowledge our growth, our advancement, our accomplishments. When we focus on the horizon as a measuring stick, we will always be disappointed because it always moves out, just far enough to keep us apart from it.  The horizon guides us and inspires us, but it will never be reached.  Do you think Ghandi ever thought his work was done, goal reached, no more growing or evolving or expressing.

The universe is ever expanding.  Life is in constant motion.  There is no destination.  We can choose to either make ourselves wrong, tell ourselves we aren’t good enough, and beat ourselves up or we can focus on our strengths, how far we have come, and acknowledge our growth.  I choose the later.  Today, I choose to love myself.

Thank you Rev. Nancy Berggren! You are a blessing!!!

What ever I say is true, is true

What ever I see as true, is true

With each breath I take, I breath in the truth and exhale any resistance

I release the lies of scarcity

I release the drama

I release the resistance

I begin to allow the truth to prevail

And so it is…

Love, e

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