I remember being a little girl and seeing in a movie another little girl that was praying.  She was kneeling next to her bed and talking to God, as if he was some man up in the sky that could will for her and bring something to her.  I no longer believe in that kind of prayer.

When I first read what prayer was in the ‘new thought’ movement or metaphysics, it spoke as the truth.  I realized I had been practicing their version of prayer for years, only I had been calling it meditation with intention.

Prayer is the recognition of Spirit’s Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence.   It is the realization of our Oneness with the One Source, God.  The prayer becomes a spiritual treatment to self.  Prayer is the realization that all is good, and in this realization nothing is feared or resisted.  What we resist persists.  So the moment something is no longer resisted, there is the possibility for a shift to anything and everything to be possible.  Prayer is the expanding of consciousness.  Prayer is unveiling the Divine perception that the entire universe and all circumstances are working for us, guiding, teaching and bringing abundance.

Prayer transforms our beliefs and allows us to be receptive to the blessings and abundance of all.  “It is done unto us as we believe” – Jesus Christ

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