*Lessons in the Labyrinth

Dear Diary,

I took a journey through a labyrinth today, not in reality, but in the great matrix of my mind.  As I first began I was confused.  I didn’t know where I was going.  It seemed as if I was going the wrong direction, twisting and turning, never knowing where my destination was.  I followed the path all the way in the center, only to be led all the way back out.  I wondered what the point was?  I wondered what the destination was?  What was the point?  What was the intention? I wondered why I had to go to the center, in order to make it out?  I seemed completely counterintuitive.  As I reach my final destination, exactly where I had begun, I realized I had learned so many lessons that paralleled spiritual lessons.

Coun*ter*in*tu*i*tive – contrary to what common sense would suggest

When I first actively went on the path of spirituality, I read all kinds of books, went to seminars, listened to great speakers.  It was if I was searching for some magical formula that would give me the answers.  My intuition lead me down, what I considered the wisdom path.  I thought that if I just knew enough information and learned enough concepts that I would one day understand.  I am thankful for all the studying.  I am thankful for all the teachers and lessons.  But I realized my spiritual journey would be one completely counterintuitive.

I didn’t realize that I had to unlearn everything I knew in order to ‘Know.’  I had to let go of all beliefs, ideas, concepts and identities. One of the primary principles of my spiritual work is deprogramming, which is undoing all your beliefs and agreements.   It is not until one knows nothing can they begin to have the possibility of knowing everything.

One time I spoke of this concept and someone became offended.  They said that they didn’t want to give up the beliefs that were good.  So I asked like what?  They said, like thinking that human beings are basically all good.  So I asked, “What would that mean if you gave up that thought?”  They said,”That they felt that would mean that human being weren’t all good and that they were bad.”   I suggested that they consider that by giving up the concept that all human beings are good, that the possibility is that they are not only good, but they are extraordinary and powerful, etc.   The person had a little epiphany and laughed at the concept they had about abundant thinking versus lack.  This doesn’t mean one needs to give up the beliefs and concepts that are not limiting and that serve them, it simply means giving up your beliefs and concepts for infinite possibilities.


Akashic Records:

This phenomenon of deprogramming or undoing beliefs and agreements in order to expand is so profound our brain energy works the same.  Every time we agree to something that has us ‘not be’ something or that is a limiting belief, we create a new loop pattern in the brain.  This belief or new calculation is incorrect, it is a lie.  Because human beings have to be right, the brain starts to recalculate this calculation over and over again, trying to make it ‘add up.’  Unfortunately, it can’t.  Instead, it sets a loop pattern that gets stronger and more engrained into an electrical pattern in the brain.

This is why most human beings only use about 10% of their brain potential.

In order to unlock more of our brain potential one must undo these loop patterns that are literally un-entrapping our energy.  One must undo negative beliefs.  One must undo limiting agreements.  One must undo limiting ways they see things.

Back to the Labyrinth…

As my stepped out the labyrinth, I turned at looked back at the maze with great affinity.  It was such a beautiful journey.  No one could ever explain the experience to another.  One has to go through it themselves.  One has to have their own epiphanies, cognitions and revelations.  As I stood there, looking back I knew there would be many more Labyrinths to adventure through.  My heart was excited and my mind still.  I was moving beyond thoughts into the aether of being one with everything.  I was awake.

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