*The Path of Least Resistance

July 5, 2011

Dear Diary,

“The path of least resistance is no resistance, for resistance is a lie.”

One’s modality is the same whether we are in meditation, channeling divine, striving for our dreams in career, or in our intimate relationship.  The way we go about one thing, is the way we go about everything. What gets in the way of one area of life, gets in the way of all areas of life.  The great work is to overcome the resistance that gets between you and your dreams, your truth.  The goal is to live our truth.

What is resistance? Resistance is anything that is standing in the way of you fulfilling your dreams and walking your truth.  Resistance is that voice in your head that tells you why you don’t feel like doing something. Resistance is the excuses, the justifications, the considerations.  The resistance is your ego, your identity.  It is like the clouds that are between the you and the sun.

How do you get ride of your resistance?  Deprogramming is the releasing of the resistance.  Deprogramming is releasing of your spirit from your physical chains of DNA, cultural binds and past programming.  Programming is our beliefs that things are the way they are, which are considerations, beliefs and identities. The deprogramming process is essentially looking at your resistance and becoming conscious and aware of it….. And in the process of looking at your resistance it disappears, you will be left with the truth.  So stay present and all resistance will disappear, melt away.  You will experience freedom.  You will experience enlightenment.  You will experience abundance.

The pain, the chains, the confusion comes from one source….It is a lie.  Any time you forget, any time you are confused or don’t know, it is a lie.  Hence, amnesia.  Hence, not remembering one life time to the next.  There is only one way to the other side, it is through.  You have already agreed to your truth, your path.  The only work to be done is to get out of your own way.  When you know why you were put on this earth and you can no longer deny it, you no longer have resistance to it, you are free!!!  Allow your identity and your ego to step to the side, like background noise, and allow your true self to be the leader. Walk your truth.  The path of least resistance is the path directly in alignment with your truth.  The force that awaits you, the force that is you, is the path of least resistance.  It draws you like a magnet.  It pulls you.  You can resist the force, by putting things in its way like fear, emotions, thoughts.  When you aren’t on your path of least resistance your mind chatter will begin to become louder and louder.  That is when your sadness and pain begins to come to the surface.  That is not you!

When I go deep in meditation, deep in trance, deep in channeling, there is a force.  This force is like a subtle bolt of lightening that streams through my entire body.   It comes through my forehead, my third eye.  It radiates over my cortex, down my body, through my arms and legs, then down to the center of the earth.  And then it bounces back up, through my feet and radiates back out my arms, back out the top of my head and beyond the universe.  It is a flow. It is a knowing.  It is an allowing.  I have stepped out of the way.  My mind has quieted.  My heart is still, at peace.  I am.  I am.  I am that energy.  I am the force.  The possibilities are endless.  Potential is extraordinary.  Awakening to my true self.  Realizing that this body is just a vessel to harness the energy, to ground it, to focus it.  I see purple. I see light.  I experience miracles.  I experience healing.  I experience transcendence.  I am.   It is divine.  It is ecstasy.  It is home.  It is me.  I am.  It is my path of least resistance.

I am a messenger of Divine……..

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