*Crossing Over

Dear Diary,

Life is a journey!   You can either go with flow, the path of least resistance, or keep swimming against the current, forcing and floundering.

CROSS TO BEAR- To have an unpleasant situation or responsibility that you must accept because you cannot change it.  It is something one must endure, carry.

It seems like we all have our ‘Cross to Bear’…. mine is my Ego.  It often wants me to do things that I know will never bring me happiness.  Essentially it is anything or any situation where I feel I’m not being true to myself.   You know…when you get that gut feeling that tells you that you don’t want to be somewhere or something just isn’t right, but you do it anyway.

My ‘true self’, my intuition, my knowing, my gut, always speaks to me.  There have been so many times that I deny my intuition and go ahead with something I don’t truly want to do.   It is as if I still have hard lessons to learn.  It is like a karmic debt.  It is my CROSS TO BEAR.

BEAR ONE’S CROSS- to accept trials and tribulations patiently, take consciousness and begin to have revelation and freedom.

Have you ever done something knowing that it is going against your intuition?  I have.  I have found myself negotiating with my ego.  I justify going against my intuition by saying, “Life is a journey” only to already know the outcome……UNFULFILLMENT.

One of the most fulfilling days of my life was with my son at Huntington Gardens in Pasadena, California.  I still have the beautiful vision of this asian bridge amongst an oriental garden with a beautiful pond below.  The bridge was curved with such delight!  The journey the top of the bridge took effort on the first half.  CROSSING OVER the top we were able exhale, take a moment of reflection and begin to see the relativity of the bridge.  The journey down took a lot less effort.  The bridge was a metaphor for the flow of our life.  We had just overcome some hard times and we were celebrating life!

CROSSING OVER- is to switch one’s allegiance and loyalty from ego to one’s true self, freedom.

Are you loyal to your true self or your ego?

I find that when ever I am questioning something it is usually an ego driven choice I am negotiating with my devil, my ego.  I find when ever I am doing something that is true to me, I only get freedom, fulfillment and peace.

Life is a journey!  I choose to go with the flow!  Freedom

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