The Road Less Traveled

Dear Diary,

It seems in life there are many ‘road blocks’ or tests that we are faced with.  It is as if these ‘road blocks’ are tests to see what we are committed to and how committed we really are.  I came upon one today.   For a moment I wanted to get angry.  I wanted to give up, but then I remembered what I was committed to. I remembered a time when I would have had another name for it…..I would have declared it a problem, but today, with the grace of God, I experienced it differently.  Today, what I would have considered a breakdown occured to me as a breakthrough.  It was as if the universe is guiding me, but not in a predictable way….

I visualized walking down a road, only to realize it was a dead end street, but just as I got to the end of the road I realized there was a side street that took me to an even better road.  ‘A ROAD LESS TRAVELED’.  A scenic route.  I heard your words within me, “Life is a journey, not a destination.”

I’d get specific in what the ‘road block’ was, but I am quite sure you have better things to do than think about my trivial details….so I will spare you and leave it in a conceptual manner.  It seems that you mostly conceive in broader concepts versus tangible B.S. (excuse my french). I desperately hope you also have a good sense of humor!

It seemed ironic because I had just completed a ‘DEPROGRAMMING’ process two days ago.  Here is the end phenomenon I experienced:

“I realized there is no such thing as a problem.  It is made up. Solving a problem comes from lack and usually results in more problems. In fact, most people are defined by there problems or lack of….”trivial” or “unstoppable.”  I realized that I have always been the source of my problems.  My biggest cognition was being able to fully look at how I am constantly trying to change people instead of ‘as-ising’ them and accepting them as they are.  One can have a communication in order to have agreement with someone, but one can not keep an agreement for someone else.  I choose to be unstoppable in the face of ‘no-agreement.’  I also realized that procrastination has been the biggest source of what I once considered problems.  I was not taking action by either not fully looking at the problem or choosing to simply not address the problem. Resistance and procrastination seem to be the source that holds something as a ‘problem.’ I am free from problems!”

Now I get to look at what I am committed to……Period.  I am free!


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