*The Truth Shall Set You Free..

Dear Diary,
I guess when I am writing you, I am actually writing to myself, my real self, my higher self, my all knowing self…..God. I wanted to write today to set some clear communication down so that you knew what I was talking about when I refer to a couple different things. So here it goes..

The way I see it is there are TWO parts of my spirituality:
1. The first is removing all my programmed human behavior which allows the reveling of my TRUE SELF, my HIGHER SELF…..GOD
2. The second is communication with God, Messages from God, Collective Consciousness, Channeling.

When I refer to the first part I will refer to it as ‘DEPROGRAMMING.’
When I refer to the second part I will refer to it as ‘CHANNELING.’

I was hoping that you would give me a sign or some kind of revelation if this is not the case!

So anyway…
Today I was working on ‘deprogramming.’ I was doing a process where I have cognitions regarding ‘having to look good.’ I realized how much time and energy people spend on looking good. I even thought about how the common denominator in plane crashes have to do with pilots not wanting to look bad by sounded too aggressive or scared via their communication. This is crazy. So I began to take a look at what people do in order to look good, but then I realized maybe the real question is “What would you do in order to not look bad?”

Would you justify what you did in order to not look bad?
Would you make someone wrong in order to not look bad?
Would you lie in order to not look bad?
Would you protest what someone could expose in order to not look bad?
Would you suppress from saying or doing something in order to not look bad?

It takes so much effort to maintain looking good and not looking bad. Why would someone not want to look bad? Maybe they are insecure? Maybe they are afraid to actually have to be seen as they are? Maybe Christ was trying to do us a favor when he said, “He died for our sins?” Maybe he did this to relieve us from guilt? Maybe it is the guilt that has us trying to not look bad?

And so I ask a more causative question, “How do we stop needing to not look bad?”
Tell the truth came to mind…
I once heard someone say, “The first time you lie it is easy, but then it gets harder and harder. Versus, the first time you tell the truth it is hard and then it gets easier and easier.”

My favorite saying is….”The truth shall set you free!”

I guess taking a look at ourselves may be the hardest truth to confront! In fact, it is so hard to confront that most people choose to not even see it at all. Most of us have blinders when it comes to seeing the way we are being. The outcomes we are having in our lives are directly related to the way we are being.

The funniest thing, possibly, is that all of our aberrations, anti-survival, destructive, character flaws, non-loving behavior may be the biggest LIE of all.

All I know….
LOVE is all I know, the rest seems to be a lie!

All my love, e

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