*One Day

Photo - Earth

Today, through our Daily Spiritual Practice, we affirm…

Love is all I know, everything else is a lie.

One day….
One day I will know
I will know who I am
And possibly, one day I will understand life, in all its glory
I believe enlightenment is understanding
Understanding we agreed to everything
We chose everything
I choose life, in all its glory
I felt like the cause for the first time in many moons
Today was a glimpse with pure delight
I understand
I know
As I rode along the coast, at sunset, with the wind gently caressing my face
I felt like I was that 6 year old girl again, peddling toes with embrace
Full of life, love, vitality and an abundant tomorrow
Not a worry in the world, not a glimmer of sorrow
I swayed the handle bars making an ‘S’ motion with my bike as it cruised down the little hill
“I am” I thought as I witnessed the sun drown in glory
I understand
I am

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