“Hello, God?!”




What if you could pick up the phone and call God?

Imagine you had a phone that looked like one of those 1960’s retro types that had a direct line to God.  One of those phones with those old dials, where each time you dialed a particular number you had to wait for the round plastic turning plate to get back to zero before you could select the next number.  (God has always had some cosmic joking way of making us feel like we are waiting for an eternity!)

Imagine when this phone rings or when you want to dial out it’s to God, to the Universe and to that which creates everything.

What would you say?

Would you say, “Hey what’s hanging?” Or would you say, “I’m really mad at you!  How could you be so cruel!” Or would you begin to ask questions about life?


You are God

Now, imagine that when you call God you are actually calling yourself, your Highest Self.  Life is a Paradox…You are the Unique Divine Expression and GOD!

I invite us to consider that God is not some man in the sky, waiting to fulfill on every desire.  If God was some separate almighty power that solved all problems then there wouldn’t be world hunger in or wars going on.  We are the God’s and Goddesses in disguise waiting to awaken, waiting to be called upon.  We get to create heaven or hell right here and now.

We may experience God in its seemingly dualistic manner, as some separate entity in the sky, but the ultimate truth is that we are the great I AM! We are the individual and we are divine. As we expand our consciousness and awaken, we experience our divinity and our infinite power!  We have the ability to direct the energy of the entire universe for good!

We can pick up the phone at anytime and ask questions to our true self and listen.  We are the infinite intelligence waiting to be called upon, to be anointed, to be summoned.  We are the ONE we have been waiting for.  We are the second coming, the christ consciousness, the Buddha, the Allah, the Elohim, the Divine, the One, God.  No matter the name or choice of words, we are that!   We just have to realize it.  This is true revelation!

Ring, ring, ring….. Are you ready to answer the call?

Love, e


Anything and Everything is Possible




Anything and Everything is Possible…

What if we could change the past with the power of our minds????

So, today I got a phone call from my son just calling to check in and chat.  Every day or two he touches base, bounces entrepreneurial ideas off me and we brainstorm about different things.  First, he asked me how my day was and I responded, telling him about my divine day.  Then I asked him how his day was.  He went on to tell me about his Sunday and how relaxing it was hanging with his dogs.  After about a 20minute conversation, I asked if there was anything he needed or if there was anything I could do to make his day even better.  He responded, “No, all is good.  Then I asked, “Would you like me to know the truth for you about anything or do a prayer with you?”

(He knows when I refer to prayer work, I don’t mean asking for something from a man in the sky, but rather invoking the infinite innovator within, knowing the truth and shifting consciousness which in turn invokes Universal Law instantaneously.)

He responded, “Yes!”  So, I proceeded to go into prayer…

“In this Divine Sacred Moment, what I know is that there is One Infinite Life Force that has created all of life.  I witness in everything.  I witness this life force in Mother Nature and all manmade creations.   I witness it in the traffic on the streets of Los Angeles. I witness this creative force in the technology that connects us right now through these miraculous phones.

And I know that Coburn is this LIFE FORCE.  He is this infinite power all pure potential.  His authentic highest self is that which has and is creating the entire universe right now.  I know that he is connected and co-creates with all of life.  He is Divine.

I declare that Coburn know his divinity, his birthright of abundance, prosperity, wealth, health, wisdom and unlimited love.  It is revealed in the One Mind right now.

I stand in gratitude for having this amazing gift, called a son.  I am in gratitude for our friendship.  I am in gratitude for all the things he teaches me, for his open mind and receptivity to expanding and evolving.

I speak my word into the Universal Mind that is connected to my subconscious and Coburns subconscious. It is received, projected and reflected back through the law of correlation right NOW!!!  Knowing my word is the law… together we say AND SO IT IS!!!”

We both exhaled and then my son said, “Thanks.”  I said, “Have a wonderful day love.”  Then he said, “One last thing, I went to the mailbox today and there was a big check from Uncle Pat (name changed for confidentiality).”  I said, “That’s fantastic!” Then we both sat there for a moment, realizing the potential of the prayer we just did, “Mmmmm” we thought.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” I asked.  “Yep,” he answered.

What if it was possible to change the past by expanding our consciousness through prayer in the present moment?  What if he hadn’t received that check in the mail from his uncle until we did the prayer and claimed his abundance in MIND???

What if life was truly like the movie The Matrix, where the programming within our minds actually creates reality? What if the moment we claim our abundance the Matrix of the binary code shifts, like the “slip-flap” display of numbers of an old train station.

Anything and everything is possible.  Love, e




Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we begin to…

Create freedom through commitment

As we are revealed to ourselves, we experience the clarity of what we are committed to.  We are relinquished from confusion, angst, quandary, frustration and resentments. We witness our own wisdom, prosperity, health and love.  Commitment morphs from a ‘to do’ list or a goal into a state of being.  We surrender to our truth and let go of all reasons and justifications to not live it.  Our inner world and outer world align, bringing us peace and joy.  Our commitments feel abundant, releasing all fear and judgment.  We step into Divine grace, knowing that our desires are fully supported by the Universe. Letting go of attachment to the outcome, we stay present, living our truth.  We fall in love with every moment.  We experience total liberation!

Daily Affirmation: As I allow the truth to prevail through my commitments, providence moves too.

Daily Spiritual Practice:  Today, I will only say “yes” to the things that expand my life and bring me in alignment with my truth.



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Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we…

Speak our World into Existence

We realize our entire world is created into existence by the words we speak, and the words we speak are the effect of our beliefs.  We know we are not our beliefs, we are the believer.  Our beliefs form into thoughts and thoughts become things.  We consciously choose abundant thoughts and words, shifting our entire realm of being.  We understand everything is created from the inside out. We witness how our conversations transform our relationships in all channels of our life.  We notice what we focus on expands.  We release all problems and begin to demonstrate fulfilled lives we love.  We undo the categorization of circumstances knowing each one of them is an opportunity to innovate, learn and grow.  We are liberated from our minds, our emotions and our old habits.  By speaking only good of others, we hold space for people to show up in their divinity.  Our conversations are like the artists individual paint strokes that, over time, make up the masterpiece of their life.

Daily Affirmation:  The words I speak are transforming my life with ease and grace.

Daily Spiritual Practice:  Today, I will notice what I speak into existence.  I will not focus on what I do not want and I will speak what I choose to create.  I will not gossip or talk poorly of anyone.  I will not have a pity party or create myself as a victim.  I will see the lesson and blessings in everything.  I will not stay in situations where my soul does not flourish, instead I will make follow my bliss.




Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we create…

Beautiful Breakdowns

There is such beauty in the breakdown, such perfection!  I invite you to consider that a breakdown is Spirit (our higher self) demanding a new reality to transpire within the soul!

So, the question is:  What comes first the chicken or the egg?  What comes first, the breakdown or the breakthrough? What comes first, the cause or the effect?  What comes first the caterpillar or the butterfly?

Knowing how Universal Law and Divine Principle works…  everything is created from spirit, so it begs the question: Has our soul already evolved, needing to create a new reality in the physical realm via a breakdown for the physical reality to align with the spiritual reality?

As we awaken, we no longer view breakdowns as a negative thing.  Now, we see them as the perfect divine portal to unleash our truth from within. Our culture seems to be so afraid of any breakdown, any upset or any emotional or communication conflict.  Breakdowns are often labeled “wrong” or “Bad,” yet they demand us to shift the way we view the world. This shift in consciousness has many blessings; altering our perspective on life, altering our relationships, possibly even igniting our DNA.

We are no longer the caterpillar, we are the butterfly!  In fact, we may consider that we have always been the butterfly… we just had to evolve through the relative experience in order to fully know our truth!

Daily Affirmation:  I AM the beauty of all of life!

Daily Spiritual Practice:  Today, I will notice where in my life I am experiencing breakdowns and I will ask myself, “What is my higher self trying to communicate?”




Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we release…

The Myth of Love

In the book, ‘Care of the soul’ Thomas Moore refers to the myth of Tristan and Isolde.  Their tale is one of grand love, suffering and mania.  Thomas introduces the possibility that soul caries all these beautiful qualities and that is our culture that is suppressing our true nature, telling us it must not be love if it has all these dynamics.  Our society considers it a disease or dysfunction to allow our burning desire to show the shadows of our souls within our love.  He goes on to say that it is the actual resistance of our nature that is having us lose our souls, turning us to apathy and self-medication.  People are loosing their souls, while becoming socially reformed.

Plato said, “If we let loose our hold on our philosophies and psychologies of enlightenment and reason, we might learn to appreciate the perspective of eternity that enters life as madness… love is a Divine Frenzy!”

As we awaken, we see how not being authentic has led us to our own dis-empowerment.  We experience the grandeur of love within all of our passion.  We witness how many people walk away from ‘the love of their life’ because it was too painful.  Now, it is time for us to live our truth and live transparent, authentic lives.  We no longer live the implanted thoughts our culture has told us of love and relationships.  We follow our hearts and our truth.  We begin to understand why the divorce rate is so high, due to people trying to live a facade of roles and limited identities.  Living is bliss, pain, happiness, sorrow, ups, downs, ecstasy and torment… all into one glorious thing called life!   We are liberated to ask our soul what expression it desires and live it!

Daily Affirmation:  I am the burning desire to live passionately!

Daily Spiritual Practice:  Today, I will live out loud.  I will release my fears and desire to be socially acceptable, and live boldly.  I will seek to know and experience my soul, in its entirety!

Youtube:  Prelude of Tristan and Isolde



Through our Daily Spiritual Practice we…
You can think positive thoughts all day long, go hit the pavement with hardworking discipline, but until you believe you will never achieve. Consider, we have deep beliefs embedded in our subconscious mind that are running our lives. No matter what you do in your life, you will still get the same results until you release these automated limited beliefs and reprogram your subconscious with the truth.
We all have friends we witness who have the same issue over and over, just in a different form; Some people are broke, no matter what they do… Some people are always in dysfunctional relationships… Some people are constantly in arguments and breakdowns with their family, different year, similar issue. Linearly we believe that life happens ‘out there.’ For example, many people think that if they just get a new partner, a nicer partner, a richer partner then they will have a successful relationship. Until we release our limited beliefs and know the truth, we will be dis-empowered.
We are all looking through a subconscious lens, a self-fulfilling prophecy latent within our subjective mind, creating our predetermination of ‘the way it is.’ If someone’s core belief is that they are not worthy of love, then it doesn’t matter who comes into their lives, they will find a way to prove that person doesn’t love them. If someone’s core belief is that they will never have money, they will find a way to get fired or not have their business be successful.
What are your limited beliefs? How do you believe life is? What are your thoughts regarding relationships, money, health, family, friends? Do you have a scarcity mentality or an abundant mentality? How do you believe life is ‘the way it is’? How do you think people ‘are they way they are’? Who do you believe yourself to be? What type of person are you? Do you answer these questions with limitations or abundantly?
The best way to know what your beliefs are is to look at your life? You can know what your belief systems are by looking at your life. It is a tricky concept to look at someone’s circumstances, because that is not the truth of who they are, but rather a demonstration of their beliefs. It is easy to look at someone else’s life and see how their thought process is creating the same results over and over again, but it is a little more challenging to see our own patterns. This is because we only know what we know, believing life is ‘just they way it is.’
It is impossible to have success in your life until you understand your hidden beliefs that are running your life. Many people get what they think they want only to realize it was an inauthentic desire based on ego, insecurity and false identity. Most people spend their entire lives thinking that if they just get the next goal fulfilled, then they will be happy. They think that if they just get a better house, a better job, a better relationship then they will be happy. It will never happen, maybe for a minute they will feel content, only to get back on the treadmill of searching and seeking for the thing that will set them free.
Unconscious beliefs become the prison of our lives… When we understand the truth of who we are, we have freedom of choice. We become liberated from the chains of doing things out of lack and scarcity. We step into our wisdom and power of real choice. We get clarity of who we are. We are not our beliefs, we are the believer. Clarity equals power!
Daily Affirmation: I am not my beliefs, I am the believer!
Daily Spiritual Practice: Today, I will observe my life and unveil the limited beliefs that no longer serve me. I will take full responsibility for everything I have created in my life, good and bad. In my accountability, I will start to regain my power and make new choices!





I sat down with Balinese High Priestess Ida Resi Alit to hear her story.  Ida is the only Female High Priestess in Bali and the only Hindu Dharma who was not born into a prestigious family nor formally trained; In fact, she was born into a peasant family of farmers.  Her story is extraordinarily unique, in that, within the Balinese culture it is believed that only certain people whom have either been born into a prestigious family lineage or have had intense training can reach ‘enlightenment.’  Ida Resi Alit is a walking, praying, chanting, holy water blessing, proof of our ‘Divine Birthright’!!!!

I was blessed to spend the day at her ashram (Ashram Purwa Agung) she is building, about 45 minutes north of Ubud, Bali in the village she grew up in.  Upon my arrival, we were guided to a meditation temple towards to back of her compound, where we sat on traditional pink and brown pillows and began this glorious day.  She sang chants to me as we chatted about life, friends and her journey.  We bonded like long-lost girlfriends, born of Divine.  It was ironic to find out that we happened to know a few of the same people in the spiritual world back in the States…  I knew I had met a sister.

After the breeze has lifted our souls in connection, we journeyed over to her temple to begin the Purification Ceremony.  She requested for me to take off my shawl, leaving me in my traditional ceremonial gown.   She also requested for me to let go and allow what ever was to steam through me.  She began the ceremony by first praying, invoking spirit and connecting to source.  Then, she began to chant a foreign language beyond the earthly or humanly realm, what we refer as speaking in tongue.  It was so lovely, yet could be frightening if someone was not ready to surrender to the unknown.  Then, she turned her body back towards me, kneeling high up on a ledge.  I stood below and in front of her, anticipating what was to come.

And then it began, pitchers of holy water drenching me in a shower, vessels of chants, releasing of energies, purifying me to the truth.  She said, “Let it go,”  “Stomp your feet,” “This is a blessing!”  The only thing that kept going through my thoughts were, “I want to go home,” “I’m ready to go home”… Not in the traditional sense of wanting to go home, but to the home of heaven,  in my heart, to spirit, to myself.  I was ready to experience my true self at an even deeper level.  There is always another layer in this journey to ‘self’.

As the ceremony ended, I felt similar to something between a drowned rat and an enlightened being, haha.  I felt renewed.  It was like the amnesia had been shed away again for another eternal moment, bringing peace.  Then, I changed into dry clothes and gave hugs of goodbye, wondering what cognitions where to transpire out of such a lovely day…

Feeling blessed, I looked back on my time with this beautiful woman, Ida and ask myself what was it that I would like to write about?  What was the poignant point of this experience?  What stood out in my mind and heart?

I had researched the Priestess prior to interviewing her, reading about her profound story, her revelation, how she had come from a peasant family, had fallen into depression, began meditating, having out-of-body experiences.  I had read how, during a purification ceremony she went unconscious and then awoke with Universal Divine Truths.  I had read about her empirical journey, but this was not what I wanted to write about.

It was so much more than ‘her’ story…

What High Priestess Ida Resi Alit represents is all of our story, our birthright!  We all have the ability and potential of enlightenment at any moment.  It is our birthright because it is who we are, Divine!  She represents the fact that no one has to be born into a prestigious family or go through years of formal training to experience revelation or enlightenment.  It is a choice!  Some times it takes getting so depressed that we surrender to our higher power or some times we just simply demand the Universe to reveal itself to us, because it is us!  What ever the case…. I would like to say Thank You Ida, Thank You for surrendering and praying to be used by Divine.  You are a shining light, a sister, a leader, a teacher.  You are Divine!

So blessed, e


The War Within (Avant Garde Magazine)




The War Within: Embracing the light and dark


Dear Erin,


I am writing today because I am trying to figure out why I keep sabotaging my life in strange ways.  Just when my career starts going well or a relationship I am in is thriving, I tend to find a way to destroy it. I feel like there is something wrong with me, like I’m my own worst friend. There is something in me that desires to be my best self and make a difference in the world!

Please, send me a hero to help me figure out the meaning of all of this!


Dear Hero,

In the famous book, ‘The Hero’s Journey,’ Joseph Campbell identifies that we all have a hero within.” It’s not to deny reason, to the contrary, by overcoming the dark passions, the hero symbolizes our ability to control the irrational savage within us.”  He describes ‘The Hero’s Journey’ not as a courageous act, but as a life lived in self-discovery.   The struggle between the forces of good and evil are always within. When we discover what limited beliefs we created within our mind that are driving us to sabotage our lives, we begin to be freed from the war within.


The Star Wars Movie series was based on Joseph Campbell’s work.  The main character of the series, Luke Skywalker, finds the force within himself, the power of character to meet his destiny.  He finds he can overcome evil and be set free. He realizes that the ultimate evil is a part of him self, and in order to overcome it, he must embrace it. The ultimate aim of the quest must be neither release nor ecstasy for oneself, but the wisdom and the power to serve a higher purpose.


Until we are able to embrace our ‘light’ and ‘dark’ side, we will never be set free. The true freedom comes when we step outside judging ourselves and going beyond our limited viewpoint. It is in seeking truth and wisdom, one is able to go beyond the conflicts of illusion and regain ones true self.

So, where do you start?  Begin by embracing your ‘light’ and ‘dark’ side unconditionally. To love oneself is to love all of oneself. Next, begin to discover the limited beliefs that are driving you to sabotage your life. Then, become that which you seek, embodying the character that reflects your destiny. And finally, re-write the story for your life with a victorious ending!

“People say that what we’re all seeking is the meaning of life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive.”

~ Joseph Campbell


May the force be with you!

Love, e


P.S. You are the force!





Interesting Vs. Interested

Have you ever been to dinner with someone who dominated the entire conversation?  Have you ever been to dinner with someone who seemed to have nothing to say other than ask a few questions, here or there?  We have all been around people who are acutely out of balance in their ability of communication, only being interesting or interested.

‘Interesting’ people generally tend to be charismatic, dominating, often chaotic, sometimes over bearing, yet can tell fantastic stories and capture your energy, literally.  Time with these ‘interesting’ people seems adventurous and expansive, yet over time seem to rob you of your own vitality.  People around these people tend to begin to feel suppressed within because there is no room for their own personality and expression.

‘Interested’ people tend to be listeners, never talking much, ask question after question, sometimes beginning to mesh into the wall paper.  At first, time with these ‘interested’ people can feel validating through the acknowledgment of being heard, but over time there is no reciprocity in the flow of energy and communication.  Over time the soul desires to move away from these people to allow for further growth.

Developing the self to be both interesting and interested is a key to being a great communicator and having great relationships.  Consciously choosing to become a better communicator, balancing the elements, learning how to hold space for others to share and share with.  This can be done by starting to genuinely become interested in others concepts and stories, asking them more questions.  This also naturally manifest in becoming more self expressed about your our passions, telling stories and things that you are creating in your own life.

Today, take notice of your conversations, seek to listen without needing to interject your viewpoints and stories all the time.  When the time is right, lavishly express your thoughts, feelings and stories.  Consciously choose to communicate with unitary wholeness!

Love, e